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Custom Bamboo Fly Rod Collections

Current wait time for a custom bamboo fly rod: 5 Months
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Custom Bamboo Fly Rod Collection Comparison

custom bamboo fly rod collection comparison

Complimentary Bamboo Fly Rod casting demo on the San Juan River in beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Rattan Bamboo Fly Rod Grip

Custom Bamboo Fly Rod Collections

Welcome to the world of PJs Fine Bamboo Rods, an esteemed artisan workshop born out of a love for the art of fly fishing, based in heavenly Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We are not manufacturers; we are craftspeople, who are passionate about preserving the timeless tradition of bamboo fly rod building. Each custom bamboo fly rod we make tells a story of heritage, legacy, character, and superior old-world craftsmanship.

Heirloom Quality Custom Bamboo Fly Rods

We take immense pride in our Custom Bamboo Fly Rod Collections. Every bamboo fly rod from PJs Fine Bamboo guarantees the highest standards of quality. We have a reputation for delivering rods that have been meticulously crafted by hand using carefully chosen split and planed culms of top-quality genuine Tonkin bamboo. Our patrons can attest that each rod embodies the precision, durability, and tempered resilience that only Tonkin bamboo offers.

PJs Fine Bamboo Rods supports you from the start to finish of creating your custom bamboo fly rod. You will work intimately with the rodsmith, detailing each component of your rod. From selecting the weight of the rod to the exact shape of the grip, you have control over every detail, creating a custom rod unique to you and your fly fishing style.

We don’t stop there; we ensure your rod upholds its beauty and functionality for years to come. All custom bamboo fly rods come with a one-year unconditional warranty and a three-year manufacturing defect warranty. In case of any issues, we are just one call away to make it right because our customers' satisfaction is a cornerstone of our business philosophy and we genuinely believe in the quality of our craftsmanship.

More Than Just Custom Bamboo Fly Rods

PJs Fine Bamboo Rods broadens the horizons of a fly fisher’s equipment gallery with Handcrafted Landing Nets. As with our rods, every landing net is built by hand, promising unparalleled quality and a distinctive character, designed to last generations. Our Landing Nets are the perfect accompaniment to our bamboo fly rods.

Eager to step beyond just acquiring one of our pieces and get hands-on, shaping your fly rod? Our specialized classes make it possible. This comprehensive training will lead you through the process of bamboo fly rod creation, from selecting the bamboo culm to the final steps of completion. 

Customer Testimonials

Our favorite part of our customer feedback is knowing that we helped add another cherished possession to their fly fishing collection. 

David Smith shares, "Thanks to PJ and the rest of the crew for a once-in-a-lifetime experience building custom bamboo fly rods with my daughter! They are instant family heirlooms."

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Join our family of impassioned fly-fishing enthusiasts and embark on an enriching journey that echoes our philosophy of integrity, quality, and timeless artistry. Let PJs Fine Bamboo Rods be your guide and companion in the realm of custom bamboo fly rods - providing not just a tool but an artisan piece that is handed down for generations to come!

Be it a personal satisfier, a meaningful gift, or fulfilling a fisher’s dream, our Custom Bamboo Fly Rod Collections offer something for every fly-fishing devotee. Experience the joy of handcrafting a piece that is as unique as you!

Get in touch today and let's start creating your heirloom quality fishing equipment.

Choosing an all of the aspects of a custom bamboo fly rod can be overwhelming. You are welcome to call us directly at (970) 946-6415 if you would prefer to speak to the PJ himself directly rather than place your order online. You are also welcomed to request a quote below if you have a unique request for your fly fishing rod design or size.

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