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Frequently Asked Questions about all things bamboo fly rods

  • Why have a custom bamboo rod built?
    All of the PJ’s Fine Bamboo Rods are heirloom quality and built to last lifetimes. Since each and every build is custom designed to suite to need of its angler, we are able to build the weight of rod for the waters you fish, the ergonomics to suite the specific build and physical limitations of its angler, and an aesthetically please finish particular to each angler. Since we never use pre-build bamboo blanks at PJ’s Fine Bamboo Rods each rod is built with the specifics of its owner in mind from choosing the best culm of bamboo to the final hand dip and polish. Who the rod is being build for and what the angler’s objectives are for the rod are kept in mind each step of the process.
  • How long will it take to have a custom rod built?
    We do our best to update the estimated wait time on our Home Page. Once your order is received and the details have been discussed with the rodsmith you will be given a two week window of when you should receive your rod. If this time frame changes for any reason, you will be contacted immediately with an explanation and an updated window. The building process takes upward of 80 hours, depending on rod options. Additional time is needed to allow the varnish to properly harden. From bamboo culm to fishing its first waters, approximately 90 days is needed.
  • Is there a warranty with my custom built rod or landing net?
    Absolutely! PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods takes great pride in its workmanship and products. Should you find a defect or imperfection in the quality of your rod or landing net please contact us right away. We will happily repair or replace any problems with your rod. Should any part of your rod be damaged or broken due to user error, rod repair services are available. All custom rod builds come with a one season unconditional warranty and a three year manufacturing defect warranty.
  • What Bamboo Fly Rod Taper dou you use for your rods?
    The beauty of building bamboo fly rods is that you can improve your taper for each rod that you build based on the fly fisherman's fishing environment. Our taper is an exclusive with a medium progressive action ideal for short to medium length casts, however will consistantly load through the butt section for longer casts. The taper was originally derived from a Payne and Garrison taper that we continue to improve upon every year.
  • Where is PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods located?
    We are located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Our natural fiber mercantile, workshop, and product showroom is located downtown at 262 Pagosa Street, Unit 103, directly behind the world-renowned Gary Musgrave Phtography Gallery.
  • How much should I budget for a custom fly rod or landing net?
    Each Custom Fly Rod and Landing Net is highly customizable. On average, each custom bamboo rod can range from $1,000 - $4,000 and each custom net can range from $300 - $1,000, depending on materials used and extend of custom work. We are happy to over custom quotes for any idea you have for a custom rod or net.
  • Do you have any Bamboo Fly Rods or Landing Nets available for sale right now?
    We specialize in making custom products that are built to suit each client. However, from time to time we do sell our demo rods and nets. You may check on our product page for ideas avaible for sale or call if you are looking for something specific. We will let you knwo what we have or will have completed soon.
  • Can I cast a PJ's Fine Bamboo Rod prior to placing an order?
    Absolutely! We keep a stock of in house rods in a four weight, five weight, and six weight for customers to demo locally on the San Juan river in downtown Pagosa Springs. Please call us directly at (970) 946-6415 to setup a demo with rod builder himself.
  • PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods Mission Statement
    PJ’s Fine Bamboo Rods builds and teaches others to build premium quality, environmentally conscious pieces of functional art that deepens and expands the consumers human relationship and relationship with nature.
  • How long does it take to build a bamboo fly rod in a class?
    Our bamboo fly rod building classes are six days long. Students will build two piece, one tip bamboo fly rods within the six day class. Classes will start at 8:30 am each morning and end at 4:30 pm each day. If any students have not completed all of the steps for the that days class, they can stay after with staff assistance. The last two days of class will not be complete days in the workshop to allow for drying time.
  • How much does the class cost?
    The six-day bamboo fly rod building class costs $2095. A deposit of $500 is due at the time of registration and the remaining balance of $1,595 is due two weeks prior to the beginning of class. If students would like to upgrade their rods to include wood grip and watching reel seat, rattan grip, or engravings all add-ons will be added onto the remaining balance payment.
  • Does PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods have accommodations for students?
    We do not have our own onsite accommodations but are happy to make suggestions and help make accommodation arrangements. There are numerous accommodation options in the same building and surrounding area. You can find a link to nearby accommodation options on the class registration page.
  • What happens if I cannot make it to the class I registered for?
    Your registration deposit can be transferred to another rod building class, if there are remaining space. If you would prefer a refund, we will refund the deposit should we be able to fill the space prior to the beginning of the class you were registered for.
  • What type of fishing rods do you teach how to build?
    Our six-day classes teach students how to build bamboo fly rods of the student's weight choice up to a six-weight rod. All rod length and weight selections will be discussed with PJ prior to the beginning of class.
  • Are there any restrictions on who can take the rod building class?
    Students must be at least 16 years old (with a parent release), able to be on their feet for six to eight hours and have no physical limitations that would prevent them from being able to complete a bamboo fly rod on their own.
  • Why choose a PJ's Fine Bamboo Fly Rod Building Class
    Unleash Your Craftsmanship: The Art of Bamboo Rod Building Have you ever dreamt of creating a fly rod with your own hands? PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods rod building classes are not just about crafting a unique fishing tool; they are a profound plunge into tradition, art, and personal achievement. It's more than a class—it's a heritage experience set in the picturesque surroundings of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Enrich Your Skills in an Enchanting Locale Our upcoming six-day intensive rod-building classes provide instruction and an immersive experience. Amid the serene beauty of nature, from Tuesday morning to Sunday evening, you'll be guided by knowledgeable and passionate instructors who bring years of experience to the workbench. Why Choose PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods? Personal Attention Guaranteed: Our commitment to small class sizes ensures you receive the focused guidance and nurturing you need to thrive. Learn from Masters: PJ, John, and Rosanna will be your mentors, each an experienced craftsman with deep knowledge of the bamboo rod making process. Take Home More Than Just a Rod: Embark on a creative journey that gives birth to a family legacy rod that you have designed and handcrafted yourself. Memories to Last a Lifetime: Discover the joy of building not just a bamboo rod but also lifelong memories and friendships. The Perfect Location: Pagosa Springs offers a tranquil and inspiring backdrop for our classes, adding an extra dimension of pleasure to your rod-building experience. Testimonials "An amazing experience I highly recommend! The expert team took us through a six-day adventure of turning a raw piece of bamboo into a functional work of art. The experience and camaraderie in the class will never be forgotten." Invest in Your Passion The cost of the class is $2,695, which encompasses: Six full days of comprehensive instruction. All materials, tools, and supplies needed to complete your rod. Opportunities for rod upgrades. A protective rod tube and rod sock for your new creation. A genuine path to craftsmanship waits. Whether you're a seasoned fishing enthusiast, a bamboo rod aficionado, or a curious hobbyist, PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods rod building class is an investment in doing something extraordinary with your hands and heart. Rediscover the joy of creating and walk away with more than a rod—walk away with a piece of history. Limited spaces are available for this year's unforgettable experience. Secure your spot and join a community passionate about the timeless art of bamboo rod building. tranquility, tradition, and transformation at the tip of your fingers
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