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Fly Rod Weights Available at PJ's Fine Bamboo

Power Fibers

There are many aspects to take into consideration when choosing the right weight for a bamboo fly rod. We specialize in freshwater, lightweight bamboo fly rods at PJ’s Fine Bamboo Rods because we have perfected our rod tapers for the waters we fish and love. Based in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, we fish and build bamboo fly rods for trout fishing high mountain streams, lakes, and rivers of the Rocky Mountains. Our custom built bamboo fly rods range between three and six weight rods.

Choosing the best rod weight can be intimidating when making a custom rod purchase but understanding rod weights can lead you confidently to the best bamboo fly rod weight that will allow you to target fish efficiently and effectively.  The right rod weight will allow you to present a fly naturally and have enough power to fight fish native to the body of water you are fishing.

Rod weight, often abbreviated to “wt.” or simply “w”, is a number indicating the size, weight, and strength of the fly rod. The lighter the weight of a rod, the lighter, sometimes shorter, and more bend a rod generally has. The lightest weight rods are going to be from 0 to 3 weight rods. Their light weight and size make them ideal for the smallest streams where panfish and small trout can be found.

As mentioned above, 3 to 6 weight rods are generally the most effective fly rods for high mountain freshwater fishing. A three weight rod is the perfect weight for smaller water bodies. They give an angler the ability to cast in confined areas and lay down a beautiful short distance cast necessary in quiet, shallow, slow flowing water.


One misconception about bamboo fly rods is that they are more fragile than their graphite and fiberglass counterparts. While a 3 weight fly rod made of any material will have its limitations on the size of fish it can land, a well made split cane rod can actually have more structural integrity than a synthetic material rod. The interweaving of the power fibers in a bamboo fly rod gives it superior strength while the natural fibers of bamboo simultaneously give a bamboo fly rod more flex than graphite rods. This concept is often referred to in the fly fishing industry as the parabolic action of the rod.

Bamboo Gymnastics
Three weighter


A four weight bamboo fly rod is still an appropriate rod for fishing small trout. Four weights can be a great dry fly rod for those small creeks that hold the occasional larger trout. Their additional weight will however allow for a slightly longer cast for a high meadow fishing environment.


You will commonly find manufactured fly rods in a 5/6 weight; these rods tend to be closer to a 6 weight than a 5 weight and are intended to appeal to a larger audience since anglers generally lean towards 5 and 6 weight rods as their go-to all around fly rod. The beauty of having a custom built bamboo fly rod is that you do not have to compromise on your rod specifications that are being built specifically for you. It is our intention to build every PJ’s Fine Bamboo to meet the exact fishing environment our clients intend to fish.


Your custom built five weight bamboo fly rod will be a genuine five weight, compound tapered bamboo fly rod. Our five weight rods are often perfect for mid-sized rivers that can have some real ‘hawgs’ hiding in them. Often more adventurous anglers will choose a three piece rod over a two piece rod. The shorter sections of the three piece rod breakdown for easier transporting for hiking into those not so easy to get to secret fishing holes. The three piece rod also has a slightly faster action due to the rigidness of the additional ferrule connections.


PJ’s Fine Bamboo Rods does not specialize in saltwater fly rods. A six weight rod is the largest fly rod that is generally used in freshwater trout fishing with the exception of trophy waters where once in a lifetime fish can be frequently landed. A six weight fly rod will give an angler the needed backbone to manipulate and turn a trout’s head more effectively.

Hawg of a Bow on the Boo
Five Weight Bend

The first step in choosing the ideal rod weight is to identify where you plan to fish with your bamboo fly rod. Having the proper equipment for any fishing environment will increase your proficiency which naturally creates a more enjoyable experience. It is our preference to discuss our clients’ fishing preferences and experience when they are ordering a custom rod. Often people are persuaded to believe that they should be fishing a particular weight of rod based on some else’s size and experience. Ordering a custom built bamboo fly rod is the top of the fly fishing food chain, allowing us to help guide you in your custom order specifications.

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