A Fitting Material

Paul (PJ) has been a avid fly fisherman since he was able to swing a stick in the air. At a young age he developed a passion for art that followed him through his education. By trade, Paul was a builder for nearly three decades...and then he met Rosanna and life started moving a lot faster. There connection began with Rosanna waiting on Paul the bachelor construction worker numerous times a week in her successful little pizzeria. She was a busy, single mother of two and he never could gather up the nerve to ask her out. After years learning more about each other through small talk at the restaurant Rosanna suggested Paul take her with him on his upcoming family trip to Europe. So, their first date was two weeks on the Mediterranean Sea. They were engaged nine months later, returning the following year to Italy to get married and from there they spent the next five years running a hundred miles a hour keeping up with the restaurant, managing the ranch, and keeping up with two teenagers. After years of sixteen hour days and not enough fishing Paul and Rosanna decided it was time for a change. Paul had been building bamboo rods as a hobby for years, but could never find enough time to make it something more. So, they sold their pizzeria and slowed down. Bamboo fly rods were the perfect fit for this chapter in their life. Whether building or fishing a bamboo fly rod you simply can not rush the process. Like so many people, the pace of their lives kept growing faster and faster until they stood back and asked “what are we doing?” And so began PJ’s Fine Bamboo Rods. Fishing every opportunity they get, prioritizing the quality of our products over the size of our business, and embracing everything that bamboo has taught them about life.

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