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Ross Reel San Miguel on a PJ's Fine Bamboo Rod

PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods Custom & Retail Products

The Angler’s team are veterans of the coffee industry and we call the Pacific Northwest home. After all, this is the birthplace of modern coffee culture, and of course, there’s some pretty great fly fishing here, too. For more than forty years we’ve been on the leading edge of coffee. We’ve led the development of some of the most advanced coffee and espresso-making technology in the world and have worked on all levels of bringing coffee to market, including buying, roasting, blending, and tasting. You might say coffee is who we are, and it is - when we’re not on the river fly fishing of course! WE LOVE FUELING YOUR NEXT CAST It’s an honor really. We know that a proper fly fishing day cannot begin without that first hit of freshly roasted coffee to invigorate the spirit and hone the senses. Do it right and it might even put you on level playing field with the fish! We love knowing our coffee is fueling another fly fisherman’s day! ABOUT THE FOUNDER For Angler’s Coffee founder Joe Monaghan, life has always been about seeking perfection—but not because he expects to attain it, rather, the joy is in the journey toward it. To Joe that makes fly fishing and coffee his perfect passions.

Angler's Roast Whole Bean Coffee

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