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Fishing Guide with Black Labs on the Conejos River
Josh Curtis

Fly Fishing Guide

'I feel confident with the efficiency of this rod! This rod has continually compelled me to pursue the art of dry fly fishing, and perfecting the technique of coaxing picky brown trout to slurping up my dry fly. I feel inspired to diversify away from my tendency of modern nymphing which is my go-to fishing technique. A bamboo rod of this caliber persuades me away from my competitive fly-fishing roots and moves me to slow down and embrace the history and tradition of the sport.'


Custom Rod Customer

I met with Paul a couple of times before starting this build. I had some ideas for what I wanted.  Fish a lot of high mountain streams. He listened carefully, offered ideas of his own, and sent me on my way to think about it for awhile. So I thought about it.

I wanted an 8' 3wt. with a Colorado theme. Left the interpretation of that up to him. Tippy with muscle to handle the occasional big fish I come across.

Since I am local he had me come to the shop to help shape the grip. Wonderful experience.

Only rod I have cast that required no adjustment on my part. Power to handle wind balanced with delicacy to present small dries with precision accuracy. Roll casts, bow and arrow, distance perfectly   represented in a stunning package.

Impeccable craftsmanship with the flawless attention to detail I expected. Everything I wanted and more.

Paul made the agate stripping guide himself with an agate he found up on Wolf Creek pass in our backyard to honor my Colorado theme. Did I mention attention to detail?

Thanks to Paul and Rosanna for making this journey to my first bamboo rod so beautiful and smooth.

Colorado Themed PJ Custom Bamboo Rod
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