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Ross Reel San Miguel on a PJ's Fine Bamboo Rod

PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods Custom & Retail Products

One of the absolute joys of fly fishing is tying your own flies. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, we have the high quality tools to make this art form easier and more enjoyable. Most of our fly tying tools are available in several finishes. Each finish has its own unique properties and aesthetic to suit your individual taste.

Dr. Slick Bamboo Fly Tying Gift Set

This gift set includes:

  • (1) Dr. Slick All Purpose Scissors, Straight
  • (1) Dr. Slick 4" Ceramic Bobbin
  • (1) Dr. Slick Bamboo Bodkin
  • (1) Dr. Slick Bamboo Bobbin Threader
  • (1) Dr. Brass Hair Stacker, Medium
  • (1) Dr. Slick 4" Bamboo Whip Finisher
  • (1) Dr. Slick Bamboo Hackle Plier

Dr. Slick All Purpose Scissors: The name says it all! Medium length with blades designed for small, medium and large flies. The one to have in your traveling kit. Excellent for natural materials and can handle most synthetics. Scissors have gold loops, serrated blades, and are made from 410 Japanese Stainless steel with a Rockwell hardness of 45.

Dr. Slick 4" Ceramic Bobbin: Bobbins are the critical tool in tying since they must keep smooth tension on the thread spool and have super smooth inserts to apply the thread to your fly. To this end, we have created two series of bobbins that handle these tasks with ease. Both series have delrin feet for smooth tension on the thread spool and have either dual ceramic or titanium oxide funnel inserts for smooth application of thread to fly. These funnel shaped inserts allow for a smoother application of thread as the bobbin is rotated and they cause less breakage than traditional pipe or straight edged inserts.

Dr. Slick Bamboo Bodkin: Used to apply head cement, tease materials on a fly, or execute a half hitch.

Dr. Slick Stainless Steel Bobbin Threader: Use our threader to pull your thread through the bobbin tube.

Dr. Slick Bamboo Hair Stacker Medium: The traditional choice. Smooth action and heavy. Low static build up. Small is the perfect answer for hair stacking situations that require working with very short sections of deer, elk, and moose hair fibers. This tool helps you stack hair easily and perfectly for fantastic hair tails and wings. Make sure your hair wing patterns are at their best with the durability and reliability you've come to expect from Dr. Slick. This useful fly tying tool sports an attractive and durable brass finish to last a lifetime at the fly tying bench.

Dr. Slick 4" Bamboo Whip Finisher: The quickest way to finish off your fly and give it a professional appearance. Use the 4-inch models for small to medium flies or the 6-inch model for larger flies. Whip finisher has a built in half hitch tool.

Dr. Slick Bamboo Hackle Plier: Use rotary when working with parachute flies. A half hitch tool is built into the handle of the 4” pliers.

  • Bamboo Tools
  • Seven essential fly tying tools
  • Perfect gift for any fisherman
  • Create professional looking fly ties
  • Tools encased in large fly box

Bamboo Fly Tying Gift Set 7 Pieces & Large Fly Box

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