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Bamboo Fly Rods: Classes in Pagosa Springs

Bamboo Fly Rod Building Classes in Pagosa Springs, offered by PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods, aren't just any ordinary classes. They offer an experience that merges tradition with innovation; they let you create something truly unique while basking in the charm of beautiful Pagosa.

The Unique Craftsmanship Involved in Bamboo Fly Rod Building


Making a bamboo fly rod isn’t as simple as picking up a rod blank and getting started. It involves choosing the right kind of bamboo—not all bamboo is created equal when it comes to making fishing rod blanks. This selection process ensures we have only the finest materials to work with during our Pagosa Springs-based rod-building class.

In addition, attending our classes will help equip participants with first-hand experience essential for crafting these intricate instruments designed for catching fish while still being works of art themselves.

  • An understanding of selecting appropriate raw materials;

  • Hands-on experience working through various stages like heat treating, planing strips, binding the rod blank etc.;

  • Know-how in various finishing methods applied after assembly;

Creel and Bamboo Fly Rod

Exploring the Process of Crafting a Bamboo Fly Rod


The process of creating a bamboo fly rod is an intricate dance between heat treatment, bamboo, and human craftsmanship. Building your own custom fly rod from scratch isn’t merely about fishing; it’s an opportunity to learn valuable skills while also developing a new appreciation for handmade items' beauty and durability.

A Bamboo Fly Rod Building Class, hosted by PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods in Pagosa Springs CO, guides you through every step with expert instruction at our dedicated workshop space located right downtown within walking distance of the world famous hot springs.

The Workshop Experience in Downtown Pagosa Springs


Embarking on a journey to master the art of bamboo fly rod building at PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods is an experience like no other. Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of downtown Pagosa Springs, our workshop offers you more than just skills—it gifts you memories and a handcrafted fly rod to pass down for generations.

You start your six-day course with a raw culm of Tonkin Bamboo, handpicked for its quality power fibers. Over time, this transforms into a beautiful and functional piece of angling equipment under your own hands. The transformation isn't limited to the bamboo though; as you learn and grow over these days, so does your appreciation and knowledge of this unique century old craft.

What sets us apart from other rod building classes is our dedication to upholding traditional methods while also embracing modern techniques, creating rods that reflect both ancient wisdom and cutting-edge innovation. Our commitment to maintaining traditional methods while incorporating modern techniques ensures that every rod produced here echoes with centuries-old wisdom alongside contemporary innovation.

A Class Apart: Crafting Your Own Fly Rod


PJ's fine bamboo rods are not mass-produced items churned out by machines but works of art crafted meticulously by human hands. Each step in our process involves careful consideration - torching, planing down into angled strips, gluing back together – all guided by experienced mentors who help you through each phase until you finally complete your custom-made masterpiece.

Wilson Engraved Rod & Net Set
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Designing Your Own Bamboo Fly Rod


If you've ever dreamed of crafting a custom bamboo fly rod, PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods offers an experience that will make your dream come true. As part of the six-day Bamboo Fly Rod Building Class, you're given creative freedom to design all aesthetic aspects of your one-of-a-kind fly rod.


In this immersive class, participants have the opportunity to personalize every aspect of their bamboo fly rods. The first step involves choosing and torching a handpicked culm from top-quality Tonkin bamboo—a critical process that influences not only the look but also the performance characteristics of your rod.


You then move on to meticulous hand planing, transforming it into angled strips which are later glued back together forming what is known as 'the blank'. It's during these stages where individual fishing preferences come into play; shaping tapers and adding personalized touches based on preferences and style.


This hands-on approach lets everyone take ownership of their creation—no two rods leaving our workshop are identical. Each piece should be as distinctive as its owner. From the choice of silk thread color for wraps to final finishing coats—we ensure there’s room for expression while guiding with expert advice and assistance throughout.


Beyond merely building skills, this course promotes understanding about why each decision matters when designing one’s own fine bamboo masterpiece. And by doing so, you get more than just ordinary fishing gear; instead, you walk away with something special: A work of art crafted entirely by and for yourself.

Beyond the Class - Exploring Pagosa Springs


When you're not learning the art of bamboo fly rod building at PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods, there's plenty more to explore in beautiful Pagosa Springs. Let’s take a look at some vibrant life outside the workshop to explore for the week you will spend in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

The Vibrant Life Outside the Workshop


Pagosa Springs isn't just about its world-class bamboo rods and fishing. Beyond its renowned bamboo rods, Pagosa Springs boasts a range of captivating activities to enhance your visit. From soaking in the world’s deepest hot springs to historic landmarks, there's something for everyone.

If you have an ear for melodies and rhythms, downtown Pagosa offers various live music venues sure to strike a chord with your taste. You might want to check out what’s playing next by the delicious Meltdown on Main.

To wrap up an adventurous day after exploring, the food court in downtown Pagosa Springs offers a host of local cuisines to satisfy your taste buds. All these combined make this town more than just a place for learning bamboo rod building—it's an adventure waiting to be explored.

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