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Fly Fishing Southwest Colorado

Pagosa Springs, Colorado, located in southwest Colorado, has some of the best trout fly fishing in the country. The breathtaking landscapes alongside crystal clear waters make for a perfect setting to catch some of the biggest trout imaginable. If you love outdoor adventure, fly fishing in southwest Colorado should be on your bucket list. Fly fishing in southwest Colorado is perfect for anglers of all skill levels, so whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or a beginner, you can enjoy our waters and views.

One of the best things about fly fishing in southwest Colorado is the scenic locations and pristine waters. The tailwaters, rivers, lakes, and high mountain streams are surrounded by stunning mountains and millions of acres of National Forest that will leave you breathless. The San Juan Mountains provide ample fishing opportunities with its rugged allure and alpine vistas. The Gold Medal Waters of the San Juan River, the Rio Grande, and the Dolores River are world-renowned fishing destinations, each with its own fishing appeal and magnificent views. Whether you fish on public land or with a guide, you’ll find plenty of options to explore surrounding Pagosa Springs in southwest Colorado.

Brown Trout and Custom Bamboo Rod
Rainbow Trout

Southwest Colorado is home to some of the country's most coveted trout species. The native trout found here are Rainbow, Brown, and Cutthroat, which reach impressive sizes due to catch and release and river preservation and restoration efforts. Anglers worldwide coveted these trout species for their skill and difficulty in catching them, particularly all in a single day; referred to as a hat trick.

Many rivers and streams in southwest Colorado require specialized knowledge and experience to get to and navigate. Hiring an experienced guide is an excellent way to learn from professionals who understand the ins and outs of fly fishing in our local waters. They will help you choose the right flies for the species you’re targeting at any given time of year. You will receive valuable tips based on their decades of knowledge and experience guiding the waterways of southwest Colorado. Even if you’re a seasoned angler, a local guide is always worth considering to help you get the most out of your time on the water.

Did you know you can also free demo a PJ’s Fine Bamboo Rod when fishing in southwest Colorado? We know that most anglers are not familiar with fishing bamboo, and we want to give everyone the chance to fall in love with bamboo. Please stop by our downtown Pagosa Springs, Colorado, mercantile or reserve your demo rod through our website. PJ himself will be happy to give you some local water recommendations and a casting bamboo lesson before wetting a line. If you have the time, stick around for a tour of our bamboo rod building workshop and a beer.

Traveling anglers have accommodation options ranging from camping to budget-friendly choices to luxurious resorts and rental cabins on the river. Many places specialize in fly fishing vacations and cater to your needs, including meals, equipment rentals, and guided tours. Choosing the best accommodation for your southwest Colorado fly fishing vacation can make or break your fishing trip, and having a cozy place to come home after a long day on the water can make all the difference. See the bottom of this article for our personal recommendations.

Southwest Colorado also offers the charm of small mountain towns that are rich in history. Each town has unique and friendly communities to explore, with shops, restaurants, and historical landmarks. Strolling through one of these towns after a day of fishing, enjoying local eats, and meeting locals is a fantastic way to end your day. Pagosa Springs is one most popular towns in southwest Colorado for fly fishers. It’s a vibrant, friendly community that offers plenty of unique activities to unwind after a day of fly fishing, not to mention soaking your bones in the healing waters of the world’s deepest hot springs.

A fly fishing vacation experience in southwest Colorado is unlike anything else. With its breathtaking views, clear flowing rivers and streams, healthy and abundant species of trout, and knowledgeable guides, this is an adventure that you won’t forget.


Pagosa Springs Fishing Accommodation Recommendations

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